Top Best Investment Apps for Beginners 2022

Best investment apps can help you get the best return on your money. According to the current market situation, the best app allows users to invest in cryptocurrency and other digital currencies.

An app is an application software designed to help you complete various tasks. Investment apps are the popular ones. Consider about ten best investment apps for beginners planning to invest their money for a better return.

Best investment apps for beginners:

1:  Blockfolio 2

It has all the things that a crypto trader needs, especially if you’re tracking many assets.

It is one of the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers app that covers both Bittrex and Poloniex exchanges.

Another notable feature of Blockfolio 2 is you can easily sync your wallets to see your total balance, even if it’s stored on an exchange.

You can also view the daily price graphs for all coins and complete market information based on coin market cap data. Also, you will find arbitrage opportunities across different exchanges with this app.

2: Coinbase Wallet :

Coinbase wallet offers its users rewards like USD 10 equivalent of free Bitcoin when you buy or sell at least $100 worth through their robust and straightforward app. It has a verification process before you start using the wallet.

It has a rating system and recently added a decentralized coin (DOGE) and it supports Ethereum ERC20 tokens.

3: Ibotta:

 It is the best money-saving app that lets you save money with your smartphone when shopping offline or online for free.

Earn cash back when shopping at over 200 retailers like Walmart, Target, Sephora and Starbucks.

All users need to do is submit a picture of the receipt by uploading through the Ibotta app after purchasing any item from stores like Macy’s, Best Buy, and more restaurants.

4: CoinTree:  

This exchange works in all countries but most effective in Australia and Canada where fees for trading are low whereas for other countries, the fees are above average.

This exchange charges 1% fee on all transactions which is considered quite low compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. CoinTree is already providing services since 2013 and it supports 20+ cryptocurrencies- BTC, ETH, ZEC etc.

5:Ally Invest:

Ally is well known for its low commission rates. It has no account opening fee, no maintenance fees and no inactivity fees.

Under the banner of Ally Invest you can buy stocks, ETFs, options or mutual funds with very low trading fee. You can set up your trading portfolio with just $4.95 per trade whereas other popular stock brokers charge around $7.99-$9.99 per trade which makes it best investment app for beginners who are just entering the market to invest their money.

It also offers 30+ free tools and paid advanced tools like real-time news and charts, etc., and option inbuilt investing features like Selection Portfolios, a preselected package of stocks and ETFs that experts recommend.

6: Robinhood:

An investing app offers $0 stock trading, making it the best way to invest your money. It has no account opening fee, maintenance fees, inactivity fees, and a a fully functional mobile app for Android and iOS users.

This exchange allows you to purchase BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum) LTC (Litecoin) directly without buying them through Coinbase or other exchanges instead of getting them from other people. The following things make Robinhood the best investment apps for beginners :

Zero commission on cryptocurrency trade No account opening fee No inactivity fee Considered as one of best cryptocurrency mobile wallets Compatible with iPhones/ Androids Garnered four out of five stars on the Apple App Store

7: Robinhood Crypto:

It is an extension of Robinhood which you can access through your browser. It’s the same service with the app only that this time you will be able to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC) etc.

Cryptocurrencies are a valuable investment asset and a great addition to any portfolio. You can set up a specific amount for recurring purchases to buy coins every month, no matter the market conditions.


It is a gift-giving app which lets you gift an existing stock to anyone. You can gift fractional shares so, you don’t need to buy a whole share for someone.

All users have to set up their account and start gifting stocks or ETFs without any hassle. You can also purchase stocks that are kept in cold storage so they don’t incur any fees.

It is one of the best investment apps for beginners looking to gift stocks to their loved ones.

9: Acorns:

This is another money-saving app that rounds up your everyday purchases and invests that extra change in fractional shares. You can start investing with just $5 which makes it best app for beginners.

Once you download the app, it will scan your credit or debit cards to find small sums of money that have been invested regularly in a day. Once these savings are found, they get invested automatically in fractional shares.

This is one of the simplest ways to start investing, and Acorns makes it possible by doing a one-time $1 investment.

10:Robinhood Gold:

This is an ad-free, advanced version of traditional Robinhood that will let you trade stocks/ETFs at no extra cost. You can also borrow money to buy stocks or invest in more than 7 days with this upgrade. It offers instant access to funds when you sell stocks or ETFs in your account.

Robinhood Gold is suitable for more experienced traders with a higher risk tolerance investing in capital markets.

11: Motif:

It is an investment service that lets you invest in 30+ stocks bundled together as one unit called “motif”.

All you have to do is choose one or more themes like, “Fashion”, “Tech”, “Cannabis” etc and buy top stocks associated with that particular theme which makes it the best investment apps for beginners.

It has a low commission of $4.95 per trade but Who found the quality of customer service to be lacking.

12: Stash:

Another micro-investing app (like Acorns) will invest money in fractional shares and ETFs. You can start investing with as low as $5 on Stash and the best part is there are no fees on investment or withdrawals on this platform.


10 Best Investment Apps for Beginners: – Robinhood Crypto, Stockpile, Acorns, Stash. These are the best investment apps that will help beginners invest in stocks and ETFs without any hassle, making it a great way to start investing at low costs.

With these 10 best investment apps for beginners, you can make your money work hard by setting up recurring purchases or gifting shares of stock from one person to another. Which app have you used most often?

Feel free to let us know! Our team is always looking forward to hearing how we can do better next time around as well as what features people would like added to their favorite platforms.

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