How to Use Recycle Bin in Android Phone

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January 5th, 2022

Where is Recycle Bin in Android phone or where is the Recycle Bin option available, what is the use of Recycle Bin, how to recover deleted Images/Videos, how to use the Dumpster app.

Computers have a feature called the Recycle Bin! If you delete anything, it first goes to the Recycle Bin and after deleting that file and folder will be deleted forever.

If you are looking for answers to all these questions on how to get to the Recycle Bin, then you will find the answers to all these questions in detail here.

What is Recycle Bin? Recycle Bin in Mobile

Recycle Bin is a folder where all your deleted files are saved for some fixed time, in the latest phone you will see a folder named Recently Deleted in the phone’s gallery. In such a situation, Android Phone’s Recycle Bin is there for the gallery.

We delete any Image / Video from the gallery, it Recently Deleted folder to schedule all of them is not deleted direct but files Save them to make extra space is but a limited time after they file system The file is deleted. So you have to recover before that time.

Where is the Recycle Bin in Mobile?

Only the Recently Deleted folder is available on Android phones, in which only deleted files from the gallery are saved.

When we delete any image/video by going to a gallery, it gets saved in a Recently Deleted folder for 30 days, after 30 days it gets deleted automatically.

If you are not understanding which is the best and free Recycle Bin App for Android, then you should install the Dumpster app in your phone as it is available free of cost on Google Play Store.

How to get back an image that was deleted by mistake?

Dumpster is one of the only apps that has the highest success rate for finding and retrieving photos and is used by millions of people every year. The app can also restore other file types such as videos, songs, PDFs, apps and documents. 

We highly recommend that the app be installed as a backup for your phone or tablet after you have recovered your deleted photos. Dumpster has a better chance of restoring lost photos and videos if you accidentally delete the file while installing it.

What is the use of Recycle Bin in Android?

  • If there is a recycle bin in our phone, then whenever we delete a file, it is not deleted directly, so there is no fear of missing any of our important files if accidentally deleted.
  • We can recover all files from Recycle Bin one by one or even all at once in one click.
  • If there are files in the Recycle Bin that we really want to delete, we can manually delete it from the Recycle Bin in one click.
  • We always have the option to get back the files we deleted by mistake.
  • For free we can save our files from being deleted forever.

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