How To Reset Android Mobile Samsung Oppo Vivo Redmi

I will discuss how to reset Android mobiles, including Samsung Oppo Vivo Redmi, in today’s post. We reset the mobile when it hangs or starts running slowly.

When we reset our mobile, all the extra data inside it is completely removed, and our phone will then run faster and smoother. The battery of our phone also begins to run more efficiently when we reset our phone.

In this post, we will see two methods of reset Samsung phones, Oppo Vivo Redmi Android phones can also be reset in both ways, and both of these methods are easy. I

n this article, I have attempted to explain both methods thoroughly, if you encounter any difficulty, you can ask us by commenting below. Let’s take some time today to begin this article.

How to Reset Android Mobile

We need to reset our mobile when our phone begins to hang or run slowly. If this is happening to you, do not panic. You can resolve these issues by resetting your phone, which is why we will discuss how to do so in this section.

To reset an Android mobile Samsung Oppo Vivo Redmi, you need to navigate to the settings of your device. At the settings of your device, you should locate the Reset option, which can be found in the General Management.

Once you have found the Reset option, you should click on Factory Data Reset. Your smartphone will be reset after a short time.

Here are two methods for resetting an Android device such as Samsung. I have tried to explain both methods step-by-step, so you can easily reset your Samsung device by following those steps. Huh.

What to keep in mind while resetting a mobile

Whenever you reset an Android phone or any other mobile device, you need to take care of some things before you do so, otherwise, you may have your phone with a technician. It may also be necessary to carry it or your phone may be damaged.

It is therefore recommended that you read the following points carefully before you reset your phone so that you will not encounter any problems.

  1. The first thing you should do before resetting your Samsung Android mobile phone or any other mobile device you have on you is to charge it completely. Your mobile device must have a sufficient amount of battery life.
  2. As you begin to reset your phone, make a note of all the important data you have, either on a pen drive or on any other laptop or computer, because after resetting your phone, the process will be completed. All data will be lost.
  3. When you are resetting the phone, you should read all the instructions carefully because if you click on any wrong option, your phone may be damaged.

First way to Reset Android mobile

If you wish to reset Oppo Vivo or Samsung mobile phone, I will demonstrate how you can reset your phone with the button on the phone, so let’s take a look at some simple instructions. The process is simple.

1. The first step in resetting the Android mobile phone is to turn it off by pressing the power button on the Samsung Oppo Vivo Redmi phone.

2. When your phone is turned off, press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time for a few seconds.

3. After holding these two buttons for some time, the company logo will appear on your phone’s screen. You must release these buttons after seeing the company logo.

4. You will be able to select anything on your screen using the Volume Up & Down buttons, and you will be able to use the power button to accept it.

5. Once you release the button, you will see some options on the screen; you will need to select Wipe data and cache there and then press the power button to confirm.

6. When you click on the OK button, your phone will be reset, and once your phone is reset, you will need to reboot it.

Another Way to Reset Mobile

Our previous point discussed how to reset an Android mobile phone by using a button, but at this point, we will see how to reset an Android mobile phone by going into our phone’s settings. Let us now examine some simple steps you can follow to reset your Samsung Android mobile phone.

1. You must first open the settings on your Samsung Oppo Vivo Redmi mobile phone to reset it.

2. As soon as you open your mobile’s settings, you have to select the option of General management.

3. You will be able to see a Reset option once you have selected the option for General Management, so you simply need to click on it.

4. Then, you must click on the Factory Data Reset option.

5. If you select this option, you will once again be presented with the option to Reset, which must be selected.

6. Finally, you will be given the option of deleting all data. If you select this option, your phone will begin to reset, and after some time your phone will be completely wiped.

So, friends, you can reset your Samsung Android mobile phone very easily in both of these methods.

Benefits of resetting android mobile

When we reset our Samsung Android phone or any other mobile phone, we benefit greatly, as our phone stops hanging, and all the extra data is stored inside it. Any other files that may be present will be removed and our phone will resume normal operation.

We have also discovered that after resetting the phone, the battery of our phone will also start running more than before, and our phone will be like new and start working normally since all of the data on the phone is deleted after the reset. If so.

Disadvantages of resetting android mobile

My friends, when we reset the phone, we see some disadvantages in addition to advantages. For example, all the applications that you have downloaded on your phone, which you use for work, will be erased. It will then be automatically deleted.

All the settings you have made on your phone will be deleted. Your phone will be like new. As such, you need to make all the settings from scratch again after the reset.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How to turn it on after reset the mobile?

If you reset your phone, it will turn on automatically, however, if your phone doesn’t turn on even after a reset, you should look for some solution, because when the phone is reset then Stopping it in the middle can spoil your phone.

What to do before resetting the phone?

It is imperative that you take a backup of your phone before resetting your device, since all the data will be erased within the internal storage of your device, and the battery will be reduced by more than 30%. Do take note of the matter.

How to create an ID after reset the phone?

In the event of a phone reset, you are not required to create a new ID. You may use your phone by logging in with your old ID.


So now today, you must have known from this article how to reset Android mobile Samsung Oppo Vivo Redmi in detail and have worked hard to explain each and every point very well, if there is any difficulty with the above information.

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