10 Best Math Apps for Students [Teachers are Loving Right Now]

The world of technology is a rapidly evolving one that continuously introduces new and innovative ways to help people work smarter. Having begun as a method where teachers can monitor their students’ progress, today’s tech-savvy schools have embraced the use of the most up-to-date gadgets so as to ensure students are at their productive best.

Best Math Apps for Students
Best Math Apps for Students

The use of laptops, interactive boards, and mobile devices has far surpassed the traditional chalk-and-talk method, which is slowly being phased out.

Best Math Apps for Students & Teachers

This list showcases 10 amazing apps that are both innovative and practical in ensuring your child’s success at school.

     1) Edmodo :

Whether you are a student, parent or teacher, chances are you have heard of this app. This free learning app is a great tool for students and teachers because it enables them to conduct lessons in real time and easily share resources among themselves. The built-in chat feature allows teachers to engage with parents while they give out instructions or advice to their students. The “Groups” tab gives even more room for creativity as classes can be divided into different groups and the interactions within each group can be tailored according to their needs.

     2) Khan Academy :

Like Edmodo, Khan Academy is one of the most widely used math apps not just in schools but also at home. Available for free on both iOS and Android devices, anyone can access featuring detailed explanations via video tutorials from some of the finest tutors around.

All resources are presented in a logical, straightforward manner that makes learning fun and interesting. The distinguishing feature of Khan Academy is its adaptive nature which means students can go over the tutorials as many times as they need to until they fully understand them.

     3) Tap to Talk :

This simple yet effective math app enables children to solve problems easily with the use of pictures and voice recordings. A child simply has to tap on an image or record their own voice while thinking aloud to help them solve a problem using this method.

It helps a lot especially for those who have trouble understanding conventional methods or who don’t want to put out too much effort studying at all!

     4) Sketchpad :

One of the apps that parents and teachers should be well aware of is Sketchpad. Developed by MIT , this excellent app enables children to sketch geometric shapes and graphs in order to solve problems.

Not only does it showcase how beautifully mathematics can be illustrated, but it also goes a step further by allowing the user to record their sketches and show them to others or “publish” them on websites such as Google Docs for everyone to see.

     5) i-Ready :

One of the most widely used math apps in schools today is i-Ready . This comprehensive program provides detailed feedback which leads directly to improved test scores because “it adapts each student’s study plan based on his/her performance.” The reports provided are useful not just for students but also for teachers and parents because they can monitor their progress and see which areas need improvement.

     6) Geometer’s Sketchpad :

Another app from the makers of Sketchpad is Geometer’s Sketchpad. For those who prefer drawing on real geometric shapes, this free iOS app allows users to graph points, plot curves and construct figures as well as animate them so as to solve problems more effectively. Not only does it help students understand geometry better but it also comes in handy especially when they have math exam questions that require sketching out a solution method.

     7) Alge-Bingo :

As one of the must-have math apps , Alge-Bingo successfully merges gaming with understanding algebraic expressions by using a Bingo-style format. This free iOS app is a fun way to breathe life into the otherwise dull world of algebra, while solving math problems becomes an exciting challenge rather than a boring chore. Teachers can even use Alge-Bingo as a teaching aid to introduce students to various algebraic topics because it gradually builds up from beginner’s level equations all the way up to more complicated expressions.

     8) Mental Case Flashcards :

It takes time for teachers and parents to create or find flashcards that are suitable for their children, which is why this useful iOS app could be a big help for homeschooled kids and those who need homework help . The collection comes with over 13,000 flashcards containing words and images related to general knowledge, history, math and more. Users can search through the deck by typing in keywords or play games that test their knowledge of various topics.

     9) Mathtastic :

This iOS app is not just an ordinary calculator because it simplifies complex calculations into something almost effortless! It can solve a variety of math problems from addition to calculus and even has a teaching mode which provides step-by-step guidance for those who are learning mathematics or struggling with a particular topic.

     10) MyScript Calculator :

For all those times when you need to solve a mathematical problem but would rather avoid using traditional calculators , this award-winning iOS app enables users to write out their answer instead. The latter needs be done on paper since the app.

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