How To Backup And Restore SMS And Call Logs In Just 4 Steps?

Ever wished that your SMS or Call Logs would simply disappear? Of course not! You and I both know how important they are to us.

The following article contains a how-to on creating SMS backups and restoring them.

In addition, people love their data. However, SMS history and call history are important to some people. You should therefore make a copy of your SMS and Call Logs before they are lost by accident.

Backup And Restore SMS And Call
Backup And Restore SMS And Call

We know that he must know some things before doing some things. Do you know how SMS and Call logs are backed up and restored before making a backup?

Create Calls Logs & SMS Backup and Restore

I know I mentioned online SMS backup earlier, but why did I mention this in the above paragraph? Can you imagine the advantages of having a mobile backup? Unfortunately, if your phone is lost or damaged, all your data will be lost.

This is why I am going to discuss ( SMS and Call Logs Online Backup) and how to reinstall it?

You may not know this, but Xiaomi Mi A1 recently received an update to Android 8.1! Several users have reported that after the update, all their messages were deleted!

Yes, this incident did not occur only with those individuals. I too have experienced this. Thank goodness there were no important messages. Without them, I would have lost my important messages as well.

Therefore, I have developed this resource (How To Create Online SMS Backup and Restore?) to prevent you from experiencing the same problem as me. So, let us see how to backup and restore SMS and Call Logs step-by-step.

1. Download SMS Backup & Restore (Free)

You should first go to the Google Play Store on your smartphone. You may then download and install the free version of SMS Backup & Restore created by SyncTech Pty Ltd [*] from there.

You can access the link above for your convenience. You will be able to download SMS Backup & Restore by clicking on the link.

2. Setup for Online SMS Backup

As a result, I will explain in detail what I mean in this step. How to set it up so that all your SMS will be backed up automatically.

It is now possible to set up every app. To do this, simply open the app.

  • You will see a GET STARTED button as soon as you open the app. Click on it!
  • You will now be asked to give this application some permissions. You are allowing all these permissions so that this application may take Automatic Online SMS Backup of your device!
  • You will be able to see the option  SETUP A BACKUP ! So simply you OK it!    

 Now Create SMS Backup

You have now downloaded and installed the app. You now know how to create a Google Drive Online SMS Backup.

It is therefore essential that you read all the screenshots carefully and create a backup of all SMS and incoming calls! You can create your SMS backup while reading this tutorial.

  • First of all, make sure that you are backing up information that you want to keep. It may be SMS messages or telephone calls. You should consider backing up both!
  • You will now be asked where you wish to make a backup of your SMS and calls? What storage options do you have, for example, Google Drive [*], Dropbox [*], OneDrive [*]? It appears that Google Drive is the better choice for you if I am to be believed!
  • You will be required to log in! So simply press the LOG IN button!

You will need to grant permission to either of your accounts if you have multiple accounts logged in on your Smartphone!

  • You can now select your selected Google account and click OK.
  • The next step is to tap the ALLOW button shown in the following screenshot. Next, select the folder where you wish to store the SMS Backup.

You should create a separate folder for the backup of incoming SMS and calls.

You are requested to create a separate folder so that you can select files more easily during the restoration process. Please refer to the steps below.

Create SMS and Call Backup Folder

You will see the option for Folder in the screenshot above. Click on it and fill out the form!

You will immediately see the above screenshot once you select that option. You will be able to see the list of options from which you can select Create folder and give it a name! You can write ( SMS & Call Backup ) after writing this, OK?

You may now select the folder by tapping on USE THIS FOLDER. Now all your SMS and Call backup files will be saved in this folder. You should save this file.

3.2. Start Online SMS Backup Process

Having finished the installation, it is now time to perform the backup. So let’s also see how Automatic SMS and Call Backup are configured?

If you observe the previous screenshot, the Save button appears once you have pressed it. Then a prompt will appear informing you that all your 30 days old SMS and Calls Backup will be deleted. Select yes to proceed.

You can now schedule this process! Your Daily Automatic Backup will be created according to the time you select! After choosing Daily as the option, clicking the BACK UP NOW button normally follows.

It is now possible to begin storing all the Calls and SMS on your mobile. In a short time, you will have completed all your backups.

NOTE: If the backup fails! It is necessary to make some adjustments to this app’s settings in this situation.

Restore SMS and Call Backups

We are now at ease. As a result, deleting our SMSes and Call History will not help us at all! These can be restored at any time.

We will discuss ( How To Restore SMS and Call Backup ) how to restore deleted SMS and Call logs.

  • Your first step should be to select Restore from the Options menu. The screenshot illustrates this.
  • You should then select the location of your SMS and Call logs backup files where you wish to restore them. We created Backup in Google Drive, so we will select that.
  • You must now decide what you wish to restore. Here you select both SMS and Call logs.

You then click on the Restore button. You will now see this app asking you for permission to make some changes to the settings!

The creator of this application wants it to become the default messaging application! This setting must be set to Yes for it to be restored. Thus, you need to set it to Yes.

If you grant permission to the default SMS, then SMS and Call Backup Restore will begin. It will also be completed within a few seconds!

Transfer SMS and Calls Backup to Others

What other smartphones do you own? Do you wish to transfer all of the backed-up SMS and Call Logs to that smartphone? Of course!

Now let us discuss how to send the phone back up to another phone (How to Transfer Calls and SMS Backup to Other Phones )!

  • You must choose the Transfer option from the Options menu.
  • Do you then need to decide which mobile you would like to receive the backups? You may, for instance, select SEND FROM THIS PHONE if you wish to transfer from your phone to another phone. You may also choose RECEIVE ON THIS PHONE if you wish to transfer from one phone to another.
  • You must now enable Wi-Fi on your phone. This will result in another phone appearing on your screen. You may choose it. The next step will take place automatically.

You will be able to easily backup SMS and Call logs for any Android device. You can even restore them.


You already know that there is no guarantee that a mobile device will not be damaged or stolen! We do not lose any of our important data, which is very important. As such, it is prudent to create a backup of all these items, to be safe.

What do you think of this post ( How To Create SMS Backup And Restore?)? Please share your thoughts. Messages and Call logs need to be backed up immediately.

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